The District operates on a quarterly billing cycle. Meters must be read within 10 days before or after the last day of each month.  Water Production Reports (meter readings) must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the quarter. Late reports will be subject to a late fee of fifty dollars ($50) per billing account.  Invoices will be generated within 15 days from the Water Production Report Deadlines and payment is due no later than 60 days from the end of the applicable quarterly billing period.

Report Usage and Billing Table





Water Meter Reading Must

Occur and Be Recorded on

Monthly Meter Log Between

Water Production Report

Deadlines (Date by Which Report

of Monthly Usage Must be

Submitted to District)

Water Use Payment


Quarter 1:

January 1 to March 31

January 21 to February 10

February 18 to March 11

(additional day added into end of time frame to account

for leap years)

March 21 to April 10

April 30
May 30

Quarter 2:

April 1 to June 30

April 20 to May 10

May 20 to June 10

June 20 to July 10
July 30
August 30

Quarter 3:

July 1 to September 30

July 21 to August 10

August 21 to September 10

September 20 to October 10

October 30
November 29

Quarter 4:

October 1 to December 31

October 21 to November 10

November 20 to December 10

December 21 to January 10
January 30

March 1*

*deadline automatically

extended by one day during

leap years for consistency

​​​Billing FAQs

Can I pay online? 
Yes. When invoices are emailed, a link to the online payment system is provided. If you would like to receive invoices via email, please contact our office.

Will I receive an invoice for my usage or do I have to calculate it myself?
The District will generate an invoice for all accounts that submit meter readings no later than 30 days after the end of the quarter. If you have not submitted your meter readings by that time, an invoice will not be generated until the next quarter.

Is there a penalty if I do not submit my meter readings on time?
Yes, a late fee of $50 per billing account is assessed automatically.  You may also be charged penalties for a major violation for failing to submit meter readings within the required time-frame. The first violation fee is $500. The fee for a second violation within 3 years is $1000. A third violation within 3 years can result in a civil suit and additional penalties. Details on this can be found in Appendix A in the District Rules.

What is the current fee schedule? How much will I owe?
The current fee schedule is available HERE.

How do I report my meter readings?
Please visit report usage page for information on reporting your usage to the District.

Are there late fees if I do not pay my bill on time?
Yes, a late fee of 15% is automatically assessed after the bill is due. 

What if I feel my bill is not accurate?
Please call the District office at (855) 426-4433 to discuss any potential errors on billing or on submitted meter readings. The District can only correct errors we are made aware of, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding your billing. 

Phone: (855) 426-4433, Fax: (903) 786-8211